Common Water Heater Issues

Listed here are some of the usual water heater issues that you can either fix on your own or seek a professional plumber service.

Smelly Water

A common problem with water heaters is foul smelling water or a sulphur smell emanating from the water. Sometimes, the water can smell like rotten eggs or it may look rust coloured. If this is indeed the case, there must be some kind of bacteria build up inside the water heater. This bacteria build up can transfer to your drains with the outflow of water.

Rust coloured water is an indicator of corrosion inside the water heater tank or on the anode rods. Decaying anode rods and corrosion lead to the formation of hydrogen gas which can in turn encourage the growth of bacteria.

Solution: You can solve this problem by adding a little quantity of chlorine to the water heater. This should clear up the bacteria build up quickly. If the foul smell persists
in spite of all your efforts, you need to call professional plumbers. They may advise you to replace the anode rod or they will flush out sediments.

Sediment Build Up

Another common problem with water heaters is sediment deposition.

Solution: This is not a problem you can handle on your own. Hire  professional plumbers. They will drain your tank/water heater completely and then use clean water for flushing it. See Plumbing North Brisbane

Odd Noises

When sediments build up in the tank bottom, your water heater can produce popping or rumbling noises. Extreme sediment build up can lead to overheating resulting in boiling water. And this boiling water causes all these odd sounds.

Another plumbing issue that you might be able to fix is if there is plumbing leaks on your toilet or kitchen sinks.  If it needed professional service, call a plumber.

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