Benefits of Covering your Swimming Pool with Sun Sails

Sun sails are membranes which are tensioned through several anchors to create shade over a surface. The basic concept was actually derived from the structure of a ship’s sail. While these shades can be used over any area (e.g. lawn, barbeque area, beach etc), they are equally beneficial when used over a swimming pool. Swimming pool is a place where people look forward to spending relaxing time. Shades help protect against heat, enhance and maintain the overall experience in a pool. If your pool doesn’t have sun sail, you should definitely consider installing one.

Radiate away heat

Shade sails keep heat away. They are typically made up of materials which reflect back sun rays and prevent them from entering the pool and heating the water. The pool shade is especially helpful during summers – you typically go to the pool to keep yourself cool off summer heat. Sun sails offer shade and can cover a lot of area in one go. You can be under the shade in no matter in which part of the pool you are.

Block UV rays

Damage due to UV rays is very common – it can be in the form of skin rashes, skin burns, or even serious diseases like skin cancer. Application of anti-tan lotion doesn’t really help if you are under the sun for a long time. These lotions might save you from sun burn but can’t really save you completely from UV rays. So, if shade sails cover the pool and offer protection from UV rays. You can spend any amount of time in the swimming pool without having to worry about UV rays and sun burn.

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