All about Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal injuries are one of the most stubborn kinds of injuries to the human body. A spinal injury lingers on undetected even if the obvious symptoms have ceased and resurfaces after months (or years) when a lot of damage has been caused. If you have been injured at work and have hurt your spine or back then it is advisable that you seek expert legal advice from compensation lawyers.

The occurrence and consequence of spinal injury

Any work which requires you to repeatedly lift heavy objects, position yourself in awkward positions, twisting or bending your body t odd angles or straining the body can cause spinal injury. This can also occur due to bad ergonomics and lack f safety measures at work. You must have heard of accidents due to industrial machinery, crush accidents etc. All these incidents may lead to heavy spinal injury.

The effects of spinal injury can change your life permanently and in a bad way. Some common side effects are painful spasms, arthritis, and tension, damaged nerves, sciatica injury and at the worst a life ruled by the wheelchair.

Obviously spinal injury will need expensive regular medical treatment on long term basis. Injury will also result in altered or reduced capacity for work. There are processes and laws which you can avail to get financial help in order to relieve you from the mental and monetary strain that such an injury brings.

When an accident occurs, make sure you will be indemnified with the help of Compensation Lawyers Sydney.

How to act in case of injury

The first thing you should do is to consult a doctor (spine specialist) after your injury. You will probably be referred to a radiologist and a physiotherapist too. The details will be mentioned in your work cover policies. All conscientious employers are legally bound to have work cover schemes for their employees who have suffered from injury at work.

The radiologist will start off with a CT scan or an X ray and move on to a MRI if needed. Once the reports come a neurologist should be consulted to start off the treatment. The medical report supplied by these practitioners will serve as powerful evidence to claim compensations.

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